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My Norton Account Login


Norton Login my Account | My Norton Account Login

Norton account sign in permits you various accesses. As you complete Norton account login process, you can download the software by locating the product key, install latest software updates, and check for recent virus definitions.

Having Norton virus protection free might not require sing in Norton credentials, but to install a licensed version, you must create an account. You can protect you digital world in just three simple steps. Perform Norton Login My Account, locate the product key, and install the software.

Create my Norton security account

1. Go to the Norton official web page
2. Click Sign in button from the top-right corner of the menu
3. Select ‘Create An account’
4. Complete the form with your details  Submitting your registered mobile number is mandatory
5. Press Create Account button
6. You will receive an email verification link to you email address- To confirm your account, open a new tab and login to your account
7. Open the Norton email confirmation email and complete the instructions
8. Now, to verify your phone number, paste the verification sent on your mobile number 9. Complete the process and you are ready to use Norton Login My Account details and profile 

Norton Account Login entitles you to enter your product key, supervise your subscription, and renew your Norton protection across all your devices, be it PC, Mac, Android, and iOS devices.

Do I find my Norton security account? 

Have you forgotten the email account you used to create Norton profile? In such a complicated case, it is recommended to connect with the support team.

If you have been using Norton password manager, you can easily regain the Norton Login My Account access. Else, these alternatives might help you to get your account back.

1. Go to the official account and click Norton Account log in
2. Enter the email address you remember
3. To check if the email is associated with the Norton account, enter your password (type any random password if you don’t remember)
4. You will see a message ‘of wrong ID or password’ and if you see ‘the address does not belong to Norton account’, it means the account is incorrect
5. Try the same process to other email accounts you remember 6. Once you find the account, you can reset the password

How do I recover my Norton account? Or Reset password of ‘Norton Login My Account’

1. Click Norton login my account option,
2. As the Sign in Norton page opens up, click ‘Forgot Password?’ below ‘Sign in’ button 3. Enter your registered email address in the field
4. Click Continue
5. A message will display saying ‘An email will be sent to [email protected] if it is associated with an existing Norton account.’
6. Open a new tab and login to your account
7. Open the main with subject ‘Reset Your Norton Password’
8. Press the orange ‘Reset Password’ button
9. Enter new password and confirm it  Make sure you use a combination of alphanumeric character, upper-lower cases, and special character
10. Click Reset password Click Continue button on the same page and you can access you profile. Users can still face errors due to various reasons. Find the list of errors and causes during Norton log in account below. 


My Norton Account Login

My Account. Go to Account to Download Services. Go to Account Account Information Preferences Billing Information Renew ... You can cancel your subscription at or by contacting Member Services & Support. For more details, please visit the Refund Policy.

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